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Bespoke adventures

We’ll help you bird Central Asia your way

There are plenty of reasons to choose this option. It may be that you have a particular target species in mind and would like to focus on it, or you would like an individual photography trip (some of our guides are wildlife photographers). You may be traveling to Central Asia outside of the main migration season. Or maybe you also have other interests (historical sites, tulips) that you would like to indulge. No matter the reason, we love the challenge of tailoring a bespoke itinerary to suit your needs: these are often our favourite trips!

When: Whenever. While the main season remains May and June, we have successfully led trips during the autumn migration, in winter to look for the great rosefinch and solitary snipe and all year round for photography… Just ask and we can start planning your unique adventure together.

Duration: Entirely up to you.

Arrival and departure: Again, while we are based in Almaty and Bishkek, these trips can target much wider areas in Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan and even extend into bordering countries.

What is included: When putting together a bespoke tour, we take care of everything on the ground: Your English-speaking birding guide, transportation (which varies according to group size), accommodation, food and train/internal flights if required

And what is not: Your international flights to get to and from Central Asia, your personal expenses (souvenirs, phone calls, etc.), alcoholic beverages and the single room supplement, if applicable. You are also required to ensure that you have full travel and medical insurance for this trip; our tours are often remote and off-road with medical facilities few and far between. We will always do our best to help with any accident or incident but we are not responsibility for theft of personal belongings or personal injury.

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